Save money on your energy bills with solar

We are helping fix electricity rates as low as 7p per kWh. We understand the household & business pressures from the current rising electricity rates. Using solar panels / or battery storage solutions gives you the power to fix your energy cost for upto 25 years.

No matter what rates the energy companies charge for the balance of your electricity usage, the proportion generated by your solar panels will be fixed from the day your system is installed.

Residential Solar

Your New Energy solution

New Energy Solutions provide the current services to both domestic & commercial properties:

Learn how you can save with solar

  • Fix your rate for 25 years

    Take back the power. Control your energy bills for years to come. Remove the uncertainty of rising household costs & electricity bills.

  • Earn money selling your energy to the grid

    Earn money back through payments from the SEG. You can also benefit from installing a Battery Storage system and increase your savings further.

  • Reduce your household / business carbon footprint

    Solar power has wide-ranging advantages for our planet, especially when it comes to our environment. Reduce air pollution, use less water, slow climate change & help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Why work with us?

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    Of our customers rated us as ‘excellent’ & would recommend us

  • £1000

    Is how much your household could save each and every year

  • 40

    Years of experience helping residential & commercial clients with solar energy

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